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Ten steps to successful negotiation

1. Do your homework. Before the negotiations begin, analyze the situation carefully and plan your strategy.
2. Enter the negotiations with a “win-win” orientation. Winning at the expense of the other party will inevitably return to haunt you. Consistently and persistently communicate the attitude that you can both win from your agreement. Indeed, a truly successful negotiation is one in which both parties have their needs.
3. Build personal trust and positive climate. You will get more from someone who feels a good about you.
4. Assume the other party can be trusted. Stay with this assumption until the person’s behavior negates it. Trust is the essential factor that distinguishes negotiation from haggling.
5. Find out whether this person has the authority to make an agreement.
6. Know what you want; as for it. Determine your bottom-line position. Communicate your needs clearly.
7. Focus on needs, not on position and not on personalities. When you negotiate from a position you tend to lock yourself into that position with the goal winning, not of meeting mutual needs.
8. Listen carefully and ask question. Focus not on what they want but on why they want it.
9. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Calling for a recess is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, you will almost always return with a stronger hand.
10. Set a mutually agreeable deadline or make a final concession.