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About Cebu Appraisers

cebu appraisers group.jpgThe Cebu Appraisers is the first Cebu based group of Appraisers in the Philippines. It started from the common interest of the men behind it. Their expertise in different fields come together and is towards a common goal giving professionalized and personalized appraisal services, property consultancy and management and the like to the Filipino community that embraces the value of nature preservation. Oscar "Bong" Labrador is a broker/appraiser/consultant and among the few trusted authorities in the country when it comes to Real Estate Consultancy, Business Valuation and Appraisal. He presently conceptualized the Projects on Medical Tourism, Techno-park, and Condo-Hotel Resort Concepts. He has appraised more than 4,500 real properties across the country spanning from private individual to institutional holdings, to business and to public sector properties. He is always called upon to provide expert opinion and independent appraisal on assets that are due for liquidation during court proceedings and settlements and is frequently invited to provide lectures, review and seminars on real property consultancy, valuation for developers, assessors, brokers and insurers including appraisers of banking and non-banking credit extension conduits.
Oscar served as the president of PAREB-Mactan, Mandaue Bridge Cities Real Estate Board, Inc. in 2009, 2012, member of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association, Inc. (CREBA), the Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. (Affiliated by International Valuers), and EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT of Philippines Association of Realty Consultants and Specialist and member of FIABCI PHILIPPINES.Graduated Masters in Business Administration and Property Management at Southwestern University and Masters in Environmental Planning in 2008 and obtained his degree in Commerce major Accounting (USJR) in 1982. He has also completed a course on Computer Systems, Financial Planner and Basic Programming.