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consultant appraiser cebuHow I started to be an Appraiser
Oscar "Bong" Labrador is a broker/appraiser/consultant and among the few trusted authorities in the country when it comes to Real Estate Valuation and Appraisal.

He has appraised more than 3,000 real property across the country spanning from private individual to institutional holdings, to business and to public sector properties.
He is always called upon to provide expert opinion and independent appraisal on assets that are due for liquidation during court proceedings and settlements and is frequently invited to provide lectures and seminars on real property valuation for developers, assessors, brokers and insurers including appraisers of banking and non-banking credit extension conduits.

Oscar served as the president of PAREB-Mactan, Mandaue Bridge Cities Realtors Board, Inc. in 2009, and is a member of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association, Inc. (CREBA), the Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers, Inc.

He took his Masters in Environmental Planning in 2008, Master in Business Administration major in Property Management and obtained his degree in Commerce in 1982. He has also completed a course on Computer Systems and Basic Programming.

There will never be a substitute for the skilled and informed judgment of a professional appraiser. By  Consultant Oscar "Bong" Labrador  - Presently Executive Vice President of PARCS Philippine Association of Realty Consultants and Specialists, Inc.

Real Estate Appraisal for DEVELOPERS
Use of Appraisal:
Appraisal has many purposes. It tells us  whether property values have gone up or gone down, become static or progressing. The principal purposes of appraisal are associated with:

  • Estate Settlement
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Condemnation Awards in Just Compensation
  • Offering price for sellers and buyers as well as investors

It is used by banks to determine the loan to collateral ratio. Insurance companies use it to determine insurable amount. Real estate companies use it in determining its overall asset value, or profitability in their land investment.

agricultural cebuWe can keep track of what is going on in the real estate industry through Appraisal.
Appraisal is also a measure that will help us decide and determine real estate investment alternatives in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural medium and high -rise condominium projects. Currently, we can keep track of what is going on in the real estate industry through appraisal. Appraisal, therefore, is a very important tool in the measurement of price, cost and value estimated in terms of money. This process, in turn, helps us asses our current real estate market values and current market situation at

Project feasibility study preparation and defense workshop
Highest and best use analysis and location defined as the most probable use of a property which is physically possible, appropriately justified legally permissible, financially possible, and which results in the highest value of the property being valued.

Concept of highest and best use

As a principle, highest and best use is defined as the highest and most profitable likely use to which is adopted and for which it is capable of being used
The concept of highest and best use, is a fundamental and integral part of market value estimates. In fact it is one of the important steps required in the entire appraisal.

Requisites of the highest and best use

Highest and best use analysis has the following requisites:

  • physically possible
  • appropriately justified
  • legally  permissible
  • financially feasible
  • results in the highest value of the property

Requisites of the highest and best use physically possible
When the analyst estimates the highest and best use of a particular parcel of land, he must observe the nature of the site. To be able to identfy and locate the site, the chief methods of site identification has to be applied using three methods:

  • monuments
  • street name , postal address, zip code no.
  • Subdivision lot number, block no., psd/pcs no.
  • Government rectangular survey, cadastral map
  • metes and bound

Requisites of the highest and best use physically possible
A leading economist was once asked to name the three most important factors influencing value. And the answer was:

  • location
  • location
  • location

Requisites of the highest and best use Site and Location
Is the site or location of the property bounded by natural or artificial boundaries?
Natural boundaries are:

  • Deep ravine
  • Creek and canals, irrigation canals
  • Rivers, stream and or lake
  • Hills and mountains

Requisites of the highest and best use physically possible Site and Location
Artificial boundaries are:

  • Street, postal address no. Zip code no.
  • Avenues, boulevard, highways
  • Subdivision fence, entrance gates
  • Railroad tracks, church yards, cemetery, park, plaza

Requisites of the highest and best use

  • physical characteristics of land
  • environmental condition
  • availability of utilities and services
  • price, cost, and value of property
  • accessibility to basic services


  • The act of process of providing information, analysis of real estate data, and recommendations or conclusions on diversified problems in real estate , other than estimating value in a disinterested manner
  • Cash flow analysis: a study of the anticipated movement of cash into or out of an investment
  • Business Assets: Tangible and intangible resources that are employed by a business enterprise in its operations
  • Business Enterprise: a commercial, industrial, or service organization pursuing an economic activity
  • soil surface
  • soil foundation